Our Mission

  • Carnie Cap Incorporated is dedicated to protecting workers from the hazards associated with exposed rebar.

  • We are committed to pursuing the newest and most innovative products to address the safety needs and concerns of contractors.

  • We are committed to providing our customers with total solutions and quality in our products and service.

  • We understand and are devoted to helping eliminate injuries and hazards by staying on the cutting edge of technology with the newest and most innovative products on the market today.

The Inventor Of The Carnie Cap

Worried about the possibilities of his co-workers becoming impaled by protruding concrete reinforcement bars, construction safety professional, Michael Carnicle, invented the Carnie Cap System. Even though his contractors were using the then-accepted orange caps, injuries were still occurring. Initially, Mike thought the best remedy to this problem would be to wire 2" x 4"s directly to rebar. Then he had a better idea–place the 2" X 4"s in a y-shaped bracket topped with a short section of tube that would slip over and encase the rebar. After casually discussing this concept with his superintendents, he was encouraged to pursue developing a working model.